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Mole Two poems at WordVirtual -- "Inside the House" and "Gulf Coast Blues" (with audio)
Six poems at Fieralingue Poet's Corner , which is also serializing Situations  "Mio Padre Fa Colazione Con Chou En-Lai" -- translated into Italian by Anny Ballardini, at Fieralingue Poet's Corner
MoleFour seasons poetry anthologies at Fieralingue Poet's Corner -- Spring ("Proof"), Summer ("Bits," "As a Woman"), Autumn ("October," "Blues"), Winter ("Considered Things)  Health and Illness anthology at Fieralingue Poet's Corner Selling Secrets" in  Cortland Review 17
Mole"Story" in Cortland Review 24 Two poems in Salt River Review -- "Soft Wax." "Grasslands" Three poems in The Blue Moon Review -- "Letters to the Muse," "Lava," "The Ghostly Saints"
Mole"Patricia: at Poets on the Line "You're at the Track" in Hamilton Stone Review "Mortar" in Chronogram
Mole"Natural Selection" in  Snakeskin "When Automobiles Attack" in Snakeskin "The Dead" in The Daily Palette (U. of Iowa)
Mole"In a Dream, She Sees Lester Young Naked" in Melic Review "Sex With Poets" in Snakeskin "Intelligence" in Snakeskin
Mole"Ars Poetica" in ars poetica
"Sookie's Ghazal" in Daily Palette "The Final Act" in Daily Palette
Mole"Deconstructing With Sookie" and "Negotiating With Sookie" in Salt River Review
Aubade" in Chronogram  "Digging" in Salt River Review
Mole"The Blue Hula" in Munyori Poetry Journal "With Miles" in Cortland Review (with audio)  "Extension," "Some Women," "Don't Ask Questions" in Munyori Poetry Journal
Mole"Mittens" in Glass  "October" in War Papers: Poetry 2 "Three Days" in Valparaiso Poetry Review
Mole"What's That Over By the Wheelbarrow?" in Masthead "Sestina: My Imaginary Friend" in The Chimaera "Sookie's Penetralium"in Salt River Review
MoleSeven poems in Contemporary American Voices: "Plans," "The Showgirl," "Wrestling with the Bear," "Barefoot in Florence," "Uncle Babe," "Stripped of Context," "Stranger." "Pastoral" in Daily Palette "The Final Act" in Daily Palette
Mole "Promise" in Salt River Review "Scarves" in Salt River Review